Social Media

Northside Christian Assembly


To establish a robust online presence that would extend Northside Christian Assembly’s reach for outreach and sharing the Gospel digitally.


Developed a content strategy leveraging Sunday sermons to create a week-long narrative via reels, newsletters, and social posts, driving community engagement and fostering spiritual growth online.

Content Creation:

Produced sermon snippets, inspirational quotes, and graphics that embodied the church’s focus on discipleship, leadership, and community empowerment, ensuring each piece of content reflected these core values.

Growth and Engagement:

Significantly increased engagement, particularly with sermon snippet content, which resonated deeply with the existing and new followers.

Tools and Analytics:

Relied on native analytics from Instagram and Facebook to track engagement and adjust strategies accordingly.


Revitalized a dormant social media presence post-pandemic through consistent posting and strategic content planning, successfully re-engaging the church community online. In the past year alone, 80 percent of our new visitors reported finding us through our enhanced online presence.

Myra Reneé


To position Myra Renee as a recognized public figure in entrepreneurship, leadership, and mental health.


Curated content around three pillars of value: entrepreneurship, leadership, and mental health, aiming to resonate and add value to her follower base.

Content Creation:

Crafted and shared content featuring Myra’s personal experiences, including behind-the-scenes videos and ‘day in the life’ segments, highlighting her authenticity and relatability.

Growth and Engagement:

Achieved a significant increase in follower count, doubling the audience size, with the most successful content featuring Myra’s personal interaction with her audience. 

Community Building:

Engaged followers through interactive stories and sticker polls, fostering a sense of community and ongoing dialogue around key topics.

Success Metrics:

Measured success by follower growth, seeing an increase from 800 to 1,510 since assuming management of the account.

Anesis Therapy Center


To establish Anesis Therapy Center as a leading mental health clinic, in Madison, WI, recognized for its cultural inclusivity and comprehensive care.


Emphasized educational content and community stories to create a safe, informative online space that supports mental health awareness and therapy benefits.

Content Creation:

Generated effective content by showcasing staff and the day-to-day operations of the center, providing transparency and building trust within the community. Focused on creating content to educate the public on mental health issues and how to seek help. 

Impact and Awareness: 

Enhanced community awareness of Anesis, contributing to its reputation as a supportive and accessible mental health resource in the city of Madsion.