“A grounded strategy
+ great design produce
successful brands."

Alina Puente Oby

Founder/Creative Director


+ Taking vacations

+ Baking bread

+ Dessert

+ Homemade face masks

+ Loose leaf tea


+ Brainstorming

+ All things design

+ Keeping small details in check 

+ Organizing everything

+ Communicating visual ideas

+ Developing concepts

Isaiah Oby

Managing/Strategy Director


+ All things music

+ Watching movies

+ Cheesecake

+ Cooking

+ Building things


+ Visualizing the big picture

+ Dreaming

+ Strategic planning

+ Fostering relationships

+ Filling in the gaps

+ Helping people find purpose

Besides our executive team, we partner with a number of creatives in the design industry to assist us with completing specific projects. 

We’re here to help you have the brand you’ve always dreamed of.